wedding entertainment for children ages 1-13
in a most delightful way ... !
Dear Bride & Groom,

Congratulations on your engagement! Marry Poppins knows you are busy planning the most spectacular day of your life! Among the many details you must attend to, we have the answer to the age old question "what do we do about the children?". Let us take care of your little guests so you don't have to!

Marry Poppins is a subsidiary of Party Pals LLC. We are a professional, licensed children's entertainment company with a flair for fun! Our specialty is to take care of all details "children" so you can focus on designing your dream wedding! When parent-guests ask whether children are invited to your wedding, you can smile and let them know you have something extraordinary planned for their little darlings!...wink wink!

This is how it works: We will provide on-site fun for your young guests and incorporate their special appearances when, if and where you choose to include them! Would you like for the kids to swing by for a piece of cake, a quick Hokey Pokey and then head on back out for more Marry Poppins games and activities? No problem! Would you prefer the kids have a mini, on-site celebration of their own so you and your adult guests can have kid-free fun? Consider it done!

Our goal is to include the children as little or as much as you would like so your celebration can go on without any child-distractions!

As we always say at Marry Poppins "It's Your Day...You Deserve to Shine!"

Laura Kowalczyk, Masters in Education
Owner, Marry Poppins & Party Pals LLC
(571) 265-3898
Laura A. Kowalczyk, M.Ed.
subsidiary of Party Pals LLC www. We come to you!!!